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Moreover, USDWE is an active member in Jordan Tobacco Control Alliance (JTCA) which is the first national collaborated effort to control tobacco in Jordan that has been initiated to activate the role of the civil organizations and of the society members to control tobacco through promoting education on the risks of smoking and its devastating effects. JTCA is in line with WHO Framework Convention of Tobacco Control treaty (FCTC) which is the world’s first global public health treaty.

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USDWE is also a member in the stakeholders committee organized by the Mediterranean World Economic Foresight Institute (IPEMED)  which is Considering the Mediterranean Basin as the "Basin of river basins and big cities of the region”, and set up common corresponding tools of governance and management.

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USDWE is currently a member in the Global Water Partnership (GWP) which is a dynamic, not-for-profit action network with over 2,400 Partner organizations located in 157 countries around the world.  The Network comprises 13 Regional Water Partnerships and 79 Country Water Partnerships

The Global Water Partnership's vision is for a water secure world. Its mission is to support the sustainable development and management of water resources at all levels.GWP believes that an integrated approach to managing the world's water resources is the best way to pursue this vision—a vision that encompasses all of life.

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